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Chuck Hovey - All Ways Racing


Chuck Hovey - All Ways Racing

Chuck would like to thank Off Road Warehouse for being his #1 parts source since 1998!

Date of birth: July 23, 1968

Birthplace: Escondido, CA

Resides: Escondido, CA

Hobbies: Mountain biking, Surfing, Motocross

First race: August 1993 Superstition 250 - CLASS 9

Racing career: 7 time Superstition series Champion

3 time Best In The Desert CLASS 1500 Champion

2 time Best In The Desert ''Grand Champion''

2004 Pro Dirt Champion

3 time Parker 425 CLASS 1500 Winner


This year's BITD Vegas to Reno race had over 270 entries, including 39 in Chuck's class, 1500 Unlimited. The course was 550 miles of Nevada dust, silt, rocks, and fast graded roads, starting outside of Las Vegas in Beatty NV, and ending just outside of Reno NV in a town called Dayton. Competitors would take the green flag with the sunrise, and if they didn't have any on course issues, would finish with the sunset.

Qualifying, for the overall starting order, was held just outside of Las Vegas on a 4 mile course set up just for the unlimited vehicles. Chuck's strategy for qualifying was just to be smooth and try to finish somewhere in the top 10 so he would have a good starting spot for the race. After a nice lap he ended up 4th overall and 3rd Class 1500 Buggy, a really good place to be for the start of the longest off road race in the United States.

Race day found Chuck and the All Ways Racing crew up and at 'em early and heading to the starting line. The unlimited Class 1500 car had been checked and double checked. All logistics for the crew had already been sorted out in the days and weeks leading up to this epic event, and crew members were off to their designated pit locations while Chuck waited for the green flag. The green flag dropped and he was off into the Nevada desert, the fourth car off the starting line. Chuck's race strategy was to just run smooth, be smart, and get it to the finish line. He knew that a clean run would yield a great result.

For the first 190 miles or so, Chuck was running along and sticking to his strategy of nice and smooth. A couple of his competitors that started in front of him had already had problems and he was now running as the second car overall, just about 10 minutes physically behind Kyle Conlon in another Class 1500 car. Then, right before Pit #5, Chuck had the first of three flat tires on the day. This allowed 5 or 6 vehicles to get past him because Chuck drives a single seat buggy and has to change his own flat tires. He pulled into Pit #5 and had the All Ways Racing crew swap out the flat spare for a good one on the car. Chuck took off in hot pursuit to try to regain some of the time lost.

Unfortunately, after reeling in some competitors and getting a few positions back on the course, a second flat tire came around the Race Mile 355, and this one proved to be quite costly. Because of the uneven terrain of the Nevada desert, Chuck had a tough time keeping his buggy supported on the jack, and the car fell off a couple of times during the tire change. Of course this allowed a few racers to get back around him and cost him more time. After getting the tire changed he again pulled into the pits to have the flat spare swapped for a new tire.

As the race wore on, Chuck really had his rhythm going. He was picking off cars and trucks, and working his way back up to the front of the pack. Some of the leaders were also having flat tires and other problems. Chuck received some radio communication, from team manager Jimmy Shannon, telling him he needed to either cruise the car in for the last 80 miles, or so, and be happy with a podium finish, or he could STEP ON IT and go for the win! Chuck was having a pretty good run after being in the car for over 8 hours, so he decided to try to go for the win. In less than 30 miles he gained over 4 minutes of time on his closest competitor. He was now the first Class 1500 on the course, and the 3rd overall vehicle on the course.

With about 30 miles to go, Chuck had another flat tire. This would obviously cost him some time, but he didn't lose any positions on course physically. He brought his All Ways Racing- Off Road Warehouse Jimco across the finish line as the first Class 1500 finisher. A couple of other competitors snuck up from behind and had a better elapsed time than Chuck, so he ended the race in 3rd place for the Class 1500 Unlimited Buggies, and a solid 6th overall with a time of 10 Hours, 18 Minutes.

A very nice finish in one of the most amazing off road races of the year helps to boost Chuck's confidence going into the last two races of the Best In The Desert season.

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