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FK leads the bearing industry being built in the USA and always being in stock. FK applications range from bearings you can use in workout equipment, up into rod ends used in trophy trucks and aerospace applications. Don’t fall victim to treatment gimmicks on foreign made bearings when Off Road Warehouse is sure to keep the quality USA MADE bearing you need in stock for your project. The rod ends that we do with PTFE liners come in three different fitments; F1, F2, and F3. An F1 fit you will need a bar to move the ball within the housing, an F2 fit you will be able to move the ball with your fingers but has some resistance, and an F3 fit will move freely.

FK Categories

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Center Finders
Clevis Mounts
End Links (Rod Ends)
Jam Nuts
Misalignment Spacers
Threaded Tube Ends
Items 1-7 of 7