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PowerAll is the award winning #1 selling lithium battery power jump starter in North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Based in Los Angeles, California - is an ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer of automotive and lithium battery products. 

PowerAll owns numerous patents based on utility and design of it's products in China, with numerous patents pending in the U.S. , along with global patent protections (PCT) with WIPO. 

Designed with an ideal - to empower the individual. Our products are easy to use and recognized for design, quality, safety, reliability, and performance. Every aspect of our products are carefully constructed with the individual user in mind. The materials used for our products are commercial grade and stringently tested to meet the high expectations of our customers. All our products are FCC, CE, and RoHS certified to ensure it's safety and reliability worldwide. 

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