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When the opportunity to purchase Impact from Bill Simpson presented itself to Robbie Pierce, CEO of MasterCraft Safety, he saw the chance to make racers everywhere safer; including himself. Based in Santee, California and centered in close-proximity to the elusive Sonoran desert and the locale of the legendary desert race in Baja, it is natural to understand why MasterCraft Safety is a company better know for its off-road safety products. Since 1970, MasterCraft Safety has become the leader and safety advocate for the off-road racing community through pioneering seat designs and occupant restraints. With the addition of driving suits in 2008, the company gained mainstream motorsports appeal in the NASCAR circles as newcomers such as Justin Lofton and seasoned veterans such as Jason Keller made the switch to the MasterCraft Safety suits and racing restraints. As the driving suits and restraints continued to gain momentum and popularity to a broader audience, it quickly became obvious to company CEO, Robbie Pierce, that and expanded product offering was necessary to continue his vision as a safety pioneer. MasterCraft Safety, under the direction of Pierce, quickly set its sights on expanding into helmets, gloves, shoes, and various other crucial motorsports safety products.

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