On August 6th, the Off Road Warehouse crew attended the 4th annual Off Road Nights - Dirt Lifestyle Festival. Taking place at the Promenade in Temecula, the event drew over 10,000 people willing to brave the warm desert climate for a chance to experience a little of what the dirt lifestyle is all about. A gentle breeze and plenty of shade kept things relatively cool throughout the day and into the night. Vendors and fabricators lined the walkways with products and show vehicles with the occasional race car sprinkled in between for good measure. Live bands and a Jeep car crushing show led to the night's main attraction; Robby Gordon throwing his Chevy Trophy Truck around the demo area. "RG" made his annual appearance, this year straight from race truck testing in Parker, Arizona.

As we do in events such as this one, we spent most of the day informing guests on the products we had on hand, teaching them how to properly use products, and answering any questions they had. It's a great opportunity for us to come out and meet potential customers and establish a working relationship. At any rate, our end goal is to have happy and well informed off roaders. The old adage of ignorance is bliss, does not bode well out on the trail and it really does pay to be prepared.

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Living the Dirt Life

The ORW booth Norman Francis' Justin Park 4seater