All new gear sets require a break-in period to prevent damage from overheating. Following the recommended procedures will keep your vehicle performing at its best.

After driving the first 15 or 20 miles, it is best to let the differential cool before proceeding. You should not exceed 75MPH for periods of no greater than an hour at a time for the first 500 miles, and to stop for at least 30-60 minutes to allow the differential to cool before continuing to drive.

We recommend at least 1000 miles of this break in period before towing. We also recommend towing for very short distances (less than 15 miles) and letting the differential cool before continuing during the first 45 towing miles. This may seem unnecessary, but many differentials have been damaged from being loaded and overheated before the gear set was broken in. This heating/cooling process tempers (hardens) the gears, prolonging life and performance.

ORW also recommends changing the gear oil after the first 500 miles or 1000 miles (for towing break-ins). This will remove any metal particles or phosphorus coating that has come from the new gear set.

This vehicle has been modified to enhance off-road performance and has unique handling characteristics. Because of the higher center of gravity and larger tires, this vehicle handles and reacts differently than many passenger cars, both on and off road. You must drive safely! Extreme care should be taken to prevent vehicle roll over or loss of control which can result in serious injury or death. Avoid sudden sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers.

It is ultimately the buyers responsibility to have all bolts/nuts checked for tightness after the first 100 miles and then every 1,000 miles. Wheel alignment, steering system, suspension and driveline systems must be inspected by a qualified professional mechanic at least every 3,000 miles.