The old adage of Less is More can be applied to traction in a couple of different ways. For one, wheel spin is usually seen as a bad thing. So in this case, going easy on the throttle can help control how much your wheels spin. Another is tire pressure. The lower the pressure, the larger the contact patch of the tire with the ground, this in turn gives you a larger potential for traction.

Back in October, we wrote an article explaining the importance of airing down your tire pressure when off roading. To paraphrase, you want to do it when traction needs to be improved, be it for driving over sand or other unstable surfaces or while trying to climb over rocks. In a pinch, you could use a key to depress the air valve and let air out of your tires.

ORW's Tire DeflatorsIf you’re like most of us though and like to use the right tool for the job, then our QuickAir deflators are for you. These inexpensive deflators work by screwing into your tire valves. It takes about 8 minutes to drop 25lbs (35 psi to 10 psi) giving you plenty of time to install the first one and then work your way around the vehicle installing the second, third, and finally fourth. By the time you reach the first one again, you should be close to 10 psi. You can simply connect your pressure gauge to the deflator and see where you are at, unscrewing the deflator when you reach your desired pressure stops the air flow. You then move on to the second one again and repeat, continue until you are done with all four tires.

All four deflators screw into each other and onto a fifth section with a keychain hoop which you can use to hang in a handy location. While we do offer other deflators, this low cost alternative is great to toss inside your glovebox or door pocket just to be sure it’s always with your vehicle and ready for when you need it.

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