New year and new safety equipment requirements.

Racing promoters as well as safety equipment manufacturers are always looking for ways to make racing safer. At times, new products are introduced that help limit the exposure to dangerous circumstances, other times rules are created or modified with a similar goal in mind. Sometimes though, certain events transpire that allow for both a new product and a new rule to be adopted simultaneously in order to help limit or eliminate a dangerous situation.

The Nevada based Best in the Desert racing organization is one such promoter at the forefront of racer safety. For 2017, with the help  of some of the leading safety equipment manufacturers they have amended and added a few new rules and requirements.

Effective for 2017 racing season, SA2005 rated helmets are no longer permitted for use in the Best in the Desert racing series.   Only helmets free of defects and bearing a Snell SA2010 or SA2015 certification decal will be allowed. 

New rules for pit personnel.

The Fueler must wear a one or two piece fire suit with a SFI rating of at least 3.2A/5.
 The suit must cover from neck to wrists and ankles and free from any tears or defects. The fueler is also required to wear a SNELL rated full face helmet, an SFI 3.3 rated balaclava, SFI 3.3 rated gloves and shoes and a SFI 52.1 rated fueler apron.

 Additionally Best in the Desert’s 2016 equipment recommendations for pit crew members are a one piece or two piece fire suit minimally rated to the SFI Foundation’s 3.2A/5 manufacturer’s certification. The use of a pit crew style helmets and an SFI 3.3 rated balaclava, SFI 3.3 rated fire retardant gloves, and SFI 3.3 rated fire retardant shoes. 


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