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Pismo Beach, Ca – Pismo Beach native Eric Kunkel saw a void created by a law requiring any vehicle on most OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) parks to be equipped with a high visibility flag. The law is meant to increase the vehicle’s visibility, especially when behind a sand dune or other hilly terrain and to avoid head on collisions. The problem is many newcomers are unaware of this law or Ill prepared and the typical mounting solutions for these flags involve brackets or other hardware that are usually somewhat permanent. This can cause a problem if the vehicle owner is not wanting to drill holes into his vehicle. What Eric did was come up with a simple yet effective solution using high quality suction cups.  He experimented with various rubber compounds until he found the best combination of adhesion and UV resistance, he then fabricated the remaining components that allow for quick and tool less installation.  This compact and easy to use product allows the user to transfer the flag to any vehicle or simply just carry the mounts wherever he or she goes, always ready to hit any OHV trails.

Recently, we were able to see firsthand how truly great Sticky Whips really are during the first ever REBELLE RALLY.  Participants that didn’t already have a mount on their vehicle for a flag were given a set to use during the competition.  The units flawlessly held the flag poles as they traversed the course starting in the Lake Tahoe area and finishing in the Glamis Sand Dunes in Southern California.

Check out Sticky Whips for yourself and avoid a costly citation or deadly collision. You can purchase a set here or at any of the Off Road Warehouse locations.