SCORE-INTERNATIONAL recently added a few new rules that are effective immediately and will be enforced at the upcoming Baja 500.

You can read the official press release below. To summarize some key points; all competitors of 4 wheel vehicles are now required to wear an approved Hean and Neck Restraint (HNR). Also, DOT labeled and compliant headlights are the only lights allowed to be used on highway sections. Non-DOT lights must be turned off. Stay tuned for the latest offerings from our vendors.

Client HERE to view some 2017 compliant racer safety equipment.


New Regulations in 2017 SCORE Rule Book

Several new Competition and General Regulations have been added to the most recent version of our on-line rule book. Following is a recap of these important additions:


CR 1 HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINTS - Effective May 1, 2017, Head and neck restraints are required to be worn by all drivers and co-drivers/navigators of four-wheel vehicles. These devices must be presented along with helmets and driving suits at technical inspection for each event. All head and neck restraints must meet SFI Foundation Specification 38.1 standard for SCORE approval.

CR 18-A OFF-ROAD LIGHT OPERATION - All non-DOT approved lights must be turned off when vehicle is being operated on any paved highway or public roads. Only DOT approved lights can be in operation on these roads. Non-DOT approved lights must also be turned off when entering checkpoint areas. This regulation applies to all trucks, cars, UTVs, motos and quads, and includes team and chase vehicles as well.

CR 34 SAFETY HARNESS - Statement added: NOTE: 2-inch SHOULDER BELTS are now allowed for use with head and neck restraints. 2” belts must be approved for use with 3-inch lap belts.

CR 36 SEATING - Statement added: All seats must be manufactured as a racing seat and approved by SCORE Tech.


GPT 8A PIT PLACEMENT - Placement of pits is allowed only on RIGHT SIDE of paved highways. No pits are to be located in any location that requires crossing oncoming traffic to enter or exit pit at any time. Infractions will be subject to penalties.

GPT 9A SEAT BELTS AND WINDOW NETS - Seat belts and window nets must remain completely fastened any time vehicle is in motion. This includes entering and leaving all pit areas. Observed infractions will be subject to penalties.

GPT 11 MANDATORY FUELING REGULATIONS - Addresses apparel requirements for fueling personnel and also fire extinguisher requirements for all teams. Regulations for GPT 8A, 9A and 11 are on page 6 in General Regulations of Rule Book on SCORE website.

IMPORTANT: All participants in SCORE events must read and be thoroughly familiar with all contents in this current SCORE on-line rule book.