New for 2017 the two major off road racing organizations, SCORE and Best in the Desert, are requiring that all competitors of four wheel vehicles wear an approved head and neck restraint, or HNR.  As racingNecksGen Rev technology has advanced so has the speed of most race cars. This new rule is an effort to reduce and possibly eliminate head and neck injuries resulting from violent accidents common in this type of motorsport. Luckily for us, technology and medical breakthroughs have also helped further develop HNR devices. They no longer are the large bulky devices that felt more as an obstruction than a safety device.

Off Road Warehouse proudly carries the Impact Safety Accel device as well as the NecksGen Rev. Both of these devices are not only approved for use in all of the desert racing series' but they are also SFI 38.1 rated, meaning they have been put through and have passed rigorous tests for function while maintaining structural integrity.

Although other HNR options exist, The NecksGen and Accel are the devices most desert racers have found to work best in this particular motorsport.

If you are planning on racing the upcoming Baja 500, be sure to be prepared and stop on by any of your local Off Road Warehouse stores and pick one of these up. Any of our in store trusted advisers will help you with fitting or any other questions you might have.   


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