When it comes to vehicle recovery boards, there are various options available.  Also known as vehicle recovery devices, these come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes and just like their diversity in their looks, so to in their effectiveness. 

Originally known as PSP, or Perforated Steel Planking, these planks were initially developed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for use as rapidly deployable temporary airfields and used extensively for this purpose during World War II. Over 2 million tons of them were produced and by the end of the war, a huge surplus of goods, planks included, were given a second chance and repurposed for use in civilian life. These now retired heavy steel strips of metal saw themselves being used in road and bridge construction, as fences and barricades, and many other forms. 

During the Vietnam War, the PSP was redesigned into a lighter aluminum based strip, and so the evolution of the board began.  These lighter planks were quickly adopted by off road adventurers who would strap them to their vehicles and use them as ramps to help dislodge their vehicles after getting stuck in soft terrain.  These boards saw further development among off road competitors who would modify them or even create their own designs. These became so popular that they became synonymous with grueling off road events such the Paris to Dakar rally and the Camel Trophy and they have now too become a staple in the Baja 1000 and other forms of desert racing. Ironically, the Department of Defense took notice and have since adopted and developed their own version of these ramps for military use.  

New developments in manufacturing techniques and materials used in manufacturing has seen the latest wave of recovery boards to hit the market. As such, Off Road Warehouse is proud to carry two different brands, each with their own approach on achieving the same goal of liberating your vehicle from the clutches of soft earth.  Stop by and check out these and other vehicle recovery devices at your local Off Road Warehouse or visit us online to learn more.