An issue  Toyota Tacoma owners face when wanting to run larger than 285 or 33” tires is the dreaded frame rub.  Off Road Warehouse offers a solution to this problem by offering a frame chop and plate weld service that allows further tire clearance. Although we recommend installation by our trained technicians, we also offer the plates for sale at any of our stores or online.

If  you can handle this project and have the necessary tools to complete the job then follow along to this brief tutorial on how we install these at our shops.

In order to complete this job, you will need at the very minimum: A welder, grinder, cut off wheel, the proper tool for disconnecting the vehicle’s battery, a floor jack, a lug wrench, a knife, a marker and some spray paint.

Start by disconnecting the battery from the vehicle. Next, you will chock the rear tires, break the front lugs loose, and jack the front end. Depending on your floor space and jack’s capacity, you might have to do one side at a time.  Once the tire clears the floor, remove the lugs and then the tire. Using the plate as a template, use it to trace the fenderwell  and cut a corner off the rubber flap, exposing the protruding frame horn. Using the plate once again as a template, mark the frame with your marker where the cuts will be made.

Carefully and precisely cut the frame at your marks, use a grinder to clean your cuts, making sure the plate lines up snugly. Tack weld the plate and ensure proper alignment. Once it’s lined up, weld entire plate to frame.  Clean up any splatter that might have occurred and wait for metal to cool before proceeding.  Finally, primer and paint to inhibit rust and match frame color for a clean look. Allow ample time for paint to dry and then reassemble. Do the other side now if you chose to do one side at a time. Make sure to torque your lug nuts per your vehicles factory specification. Enjoy the added clearance and your bigger tires.