OFF ROAD WAREHOUSE Installs the Dirt King Fabrication Long Travel BOLT-ON suspension kit

This kit will take your vehicle to the next level of suspension goodness. With twice the amount of travel compared to stock you will notice an extreme improvement in off-road handling. It’s capable of 14" of travel and is three inches wider per side. The lower control arms are tabbed and plated allowing limit straps and bump stops to be used. Dirt King uses Moog ball joints to the lower arms which are much stronger than OEM/stock.  The Dirt King chromoly upper control arms (UCA) uses ball joints with stainless steel uniballs for more articulation. Also included in the kit is 21" DOT approved brake lines and heat treated chromoly tie rod extensions. Dirt King claims their “kit is built to the highest standards and only the best materials are used to ensure a reliable ride” all of which was evident when we opened the packaging and saw the attention to detail in everything included. Unlike many other companies, Dirt King pre-assembles and presets the upper control arms saving you time and money upon installation.  There is tie rod upgrade available which is only compatible with stock spindles and they offer extended axles as well to retain 4WD in those respective trucks. The kit is designed for aftermarket shocks and to be used without a sway bar, the addition of flared fenders is also recommended. 

Included in the kit:
-Chromoly 1.25" tubed upper control arms
-Boxed and internally ribbed lower control arms
-FK WSSX16T stainless steel uniballs
-FK JM12T heims
-Bump stop plates
-Limit strap tabs
-304 stainless steel high angles misalignment spacers
-Grade 8 hardware
-Heat treated chromoly tie rod extensions
-Delrin bushings
-Moog ball joints with grease fittings
-21" DOT approved brake lines
Dirt King before Powder Coating
        Dirt King before Powder Coating

Nissan Titan 2WD/4WD 2004-2015
Nissan Armada 2WD/4WD 2005-2006
Nissan Pathfinder 2WD/4WD 2004
Build Sheet:
-Dirt King Fabrication Long Travel Kit with Extended Axles
-King Shocks 2.5" Extended travel & custom length eyelets with remote reservoirs/adjusters (Front)
-King Shocks 2.5" with piggy back reservoirs/adjusters (Rear) Standard length
-Method Racing MESH 18x9 0 offset
-Toyo Tires R/T 35x12.50x18
-SPC #87520 adjustable cam bolts 
-CV lube
-CV boots and boot clamps
-Fiberglass flared fenders
Donor Vehicle:
2006 Nissan Titan LE 4x4
Color: K12 Radiant Silver

This kit will fit Nissan Titan 2-wheel drive trucks, 4x4's will have to add extended axles.  It would be wise to also add the billet tie rod end option at this point as it will help the strengthen the steering components.

Stock form, Bilstein 5100's on top perch with Total Chaos UCA's, and Stillen Solid Sway Bar

The Dirt King Fabrication kits come powder coated in BLACK but almost any other color is also available at an additional charge. The owner of this build wanted a “clean factory look” so he had Dirt King Fabrication match the silver of the truck.

Removal of the OEM components

Comparison of Upper Control arms vs aftermarket UCA's. Keep in mind that the stock UCA's have ball joints and rubber bushings that mount into the frame. Dirt King has heimed rod ends allow for more camber/caster correction and provides a stiffer steering response and a UNIBALL that replaces the ball joints for more articulation and travel. The rod ends are pre-set to match the lower arms, aiding and speeding up in the final alignment process.

DK lowers vs Stock

Closer look of the bushings in the Lower Control Arms, notice that the stock has rubber bushings, Dirt King uses Delrin Bushings instead of Polyurethane, Delrin is a harder material compared urethane as this will limit any suspension deflection. DK LCA also has Zerk Fittings for easy maintenance. Also, DK chose to use a HEAVY DUTY MOOG Ball joint in the lower control arm because it will help keep out the dirt/mud/sand and other gunk to clog it up while wheeling. 

In order to keep the price down, Dirt King offers extended axles to fit your stock axle ends. With 61k on the stock boots, we added a new set, Because your stock bands will need to be cut off for disassembly, A NEW set comes complete with new clamps

Pre-fit everything before bolting it all down.                       Driver Side with Limit Strap mount welded and installed.

DK Offers detailed instructions on how to remove the factory bumper and mounting the new one onto the truck. A portion of the main support needs to be cut off in order for this bumper to fit properly. The Dirt King bumper is mounted on the boxed ends and secured with Grade 8 hardware.

Dirt King Fabrication PreRunner Bumper also powder coated and color matched.


Painted over the cut ends to clean it up and protect the exposed ends.

The truck owner requested for Dirt King to add light tabs for  Rigid Dually lights, Dirt King delivered a super sano and removable bolt-on bracket.

Make sure when you pre-fit your new wheels before mounting the tires. Most wheel companies will NOT accept returns once mounted. The wheel of choice was Method Racing Wheels MESH 18 x 9 with 0 offset.

Fits was good so we went ahead and mounted the tire.

Wheels installed and truck finally touches the ground.       The now 3" wider track requires the use of flared fenders for clearance.

Moved out of the shop and on to the alignment rack, adjusted coil over height and align everything to spec.

We trimmed the factory plastic fender liners and installed a new set of fiberglass fenders

Final Stance!!!!!

Final Thoughts: this kit riders great!  The King Shocks help soak up the bumps like the is nothing there. We haven't taken it off road yet but we will be testing it very soon, stay tuned for updates!  This truck originally went from STOCK to a Bracket 6" lift, back to stock on 22's, and now the Dirt King Fabrication/King Shock combo.  While it’s nice to have a fully built shop to install this kit, this is also a user friendly that can be installed in most well equipped garages. Keep in mind that you'll have to rebuild the axles, weld on a tab for the limit straps and get it aligned. NO special tools were used on this build the expect of the LIFT, Alignment rack, Welder and our in house specialist to rebuild the axles. If you don't feel confident in this build. Bring your truck to any OFF ROAD WAREHOUSE in San Diego County our shop technicians can help you out. Not Near in San Diego? ORW can ship out ANY product you seen above. We can HELP build these components and offer our expertise as well as offer competitive pricing!

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